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The Communist no 56, December 1972

'At this point in time, the alternative is very clear: either there is some form of incomes policy or the level of consumption of the working class will indeed deteriorate because capitalists will start going out of business in a big way through lack of capital. There will be unemployment and hardship in the working class engendered not through bourgeois meanness but through the refusal of the working class to face up to the realities of capitalism.'

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Breakdown of the talks
What is a Freeze?
The Common Market and food prices
What the 'left' have to say about it with a substantial quote from Marx on the uses of surplus value.
Why the bourgeoisie is still a 'socially necessary class'
Why It Took Five Months of Public Discussion to get a Freeze with a brief history of prices and incomes policies
Ruling Class Thoughts and Trepidations - Free competition v. the corporate state
What Next? Positive role played by the CBI; negative role played by the TUC; a diminishing role for the government